the anatomy of colour

It has been more than a year since I last posted and what a time it has been. I had an offer in February from Everard Read Cape Town to do a show in October and decided to go to Tokyo after spending the last 11 years capturing Cape Town. What a fantastic trip it turned out to be and opportunity to explore another city with my technique. Tokyo did not disappoint but was full of fantastic scenes and God was gracious to provide rain at the perfect times to capture some exciting images. I returned with 20 000 images after the trip and narrowed them down to 12 images for the show. The show was a narrative of dusk to almost dark blue skies, to black skies and abstract. I don’t think I have worked so hard in my life on a body of work and thankfully got it all done in time. The show I am happy to say was a great success and have sold out. New paintings are uploaded in City, Sea and Night for your viewing. Summer is here and I will be heading back to the beach and city to capture something of its beauty and light. Please follow me on Facebook as I post there a whole lot more -

leaving shibuya

1.2m x 2.5m, oil on canvas

a little exploration

After painting my ‘bokeh’ style work now for over 10 years the yearning to try something new has finally burst forth. I have had for many years, even since art school, the interest and pleasure in the portraying the face in some way or form, my post from the 4th October last year revealing this same interest.
I am this stage inspired by the many ways one can approach the portrait. Oils is still my choice of paint but the main thrust is to do something fresh and push the genre. I feel like my expression has been challenged and am at the start of an exciting journey.
I’m currently showing some new work at Rarity Gallery in Mykonos, Greece and am part of the Winter Group Show at Everard Read in Cape Town.

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consideration, 80cm x 120cm, oil on canvas
detail - consideration

Johans Borman Exhibition - 31 October 2013

It is almost a week today and my show will officially open. The actual work went ‘live’ today and have had a fantastic response thus far. Hope you get to see it in the flesh

portraits and a show

It has been a while since posting some news. Been busy with a slightly new direction. After many attempts I finally got an image that I felt worked and had enough ‘juice’ to make a good piece. My beloved wife stood for these in many different poses. I am certainly excited about the results and join what seems at large an interest in the portrait.
Along with the portrait I am finishing up for a solo show with Johan’s Borman at the end of the month, the 31st to be exact. The catalogue is busy being finalized so after which I will be posting an invite.

inside out - 60cm x 60cm, oil on linen


I seem to have lost myself in paint and time of late. Been working towards a show with Johans Borman and have been discovering old gems from my trip to New York. This piece has all the flavours and ingredients that capture my imagination with paint. I find the challenge of discovering vital images more and more difficult and yet some seem to sing into life and the colour melody makes a sweet sound for me. The show with Johans is planned for the end of October so will keep you informed of an actual date closer to the time.

broadway at 10 - 120cm x 90cm oil on canvas


I simply enjoyed the idea of this word, the spark that set it forth. Luminaries. The feel that I sometimes have toward the figures I paint, luminous moving abstract figures. It provokes scenes of otherworldly landscapes filled with glowing, colourful creatures.

flurry - 1.2m x1.2m, oil on linen

amidst - 2m x 2m, oil on linen

Time seems to run away but here I am again in a new year. I had the great pleasure of painting a large piece for a friend of mine recently. A move lately to a more abstract image has produced some interesting results in that the degree of attention within certain areas has increased. This adds a greater softness and mystery in the figures which take on a more disguised and hidden nature and yet their presence is given away by the light which surrounds them.
The challenge of capturing ‘vital’ images seems to increase every time I try. The ‘random’ beauty of how creation displays its subjects is a ever present source of inspiration.

View better image at ‘abstract figure’

amidst - 2m x 2m, oil on linen


With the weather being as it is in Cape Town over the past wintery months I have loved the sight of the many cloudy skies.
Gorgeous forms as they are, floating soft surfaces of shape and form like mysterious landscapes of another world, full of mood and emotion.
I have noticed a similarity between my enjoyment of subtlety and these creatures of the sky. My recent piece shows this subtlety and similarity.

  • clouds over Kommetjie hills
    clouds over Kommetjie hills

afternoon shimmer - 90cm x 90cm, oil on linen

colours pleasure

It’s been another month of exploring colour and it continues to be a subject of great interest in my work. The colour relations and melodies are very pleasant worlds to discover.

Painters through the centuries have commented on their feelings and responses to the vast and mysterious subject of colour. Pablo Picasso’s quote caught my attention.” Why do two colours, put one next to the other, sing? Can one really explain this? No.”

I have also been thrilled and amazed recently at how the internet is such an incredible tool in which to showcase ones work and have it seen and enjoyed around the world, 15 years ago this would have been impossible. Some of my discoverers have had amazing insight into what it is I am doing and wanting to express with my work. Caroline Wong from Singapore had the following to say - ‘I found your work on a blog I follow and I am finding it difficult to stop staring at your paintings. The works are truly amazing and I am very taken by your art. I particularly enjoy the series, the sea and the city, as they speak to me of the human condition of looking without really seeing’.

  • slipping by on 34th street, oil on linen, 90cm x 90cm
    slipping by on 34th street, oil on linen, 90cm x 90cm

the pleasure of linen

Welcome to my first of many posts. I hope to give a little more of a picture into what it is I do and use as an artist. I also want to share my thoughts about other artists who I admire.

I recently started using Belgium linen and have discovered its fine qualities. The application of the paint allows for sweeter movement, as seen in the image.

detail of fathers back on a beach
detail of fathers back on a beach

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